Sasho Mijalkov is released from prison on Thursday

Sasho Mijalkov
Sasho Mijalkov / Photo: EPA-EFE / GEORGI LICOVSKI

Sasho Mijalkov has been free since Thursday, on the condition that he does not commit a crime until April 25 of the following year.

"The Skopje Court of Appeal, in the interest of the public and the media, informs that acting on the criminal case KR-84/24, at a closed session on May 14.05.2024, 23.05.2024, it passed a decision by which it accepted the appeal of the convicted S.M. from S. and the decision of the Basic Criminal Court Skopje changed it so that the convicted person is released on 25.04.2025 from serving the prison sentence, on the condition that he does not commit a new crime until the expiration of the conditional release - XNUMX", the statement reads. from Appeal.

Mijalkov's appeal is against the decision of the Basic Criminal Court Skopje, with which the Court made a decision on the conditional release of the former head of UBK, with which he was supposed to leave the KPD Struga on December 25 of this year, and his conditional release is considered until April 25, 2025.

Mijalkov is serving his sentence in the prison in Struga, after he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years in prison in the "Empire" case.

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