Saraqino and Falishe have been without drinking water for a week, Tetovo PUC cannot locate the clogged water pipe

Photo: PUC - Tetovo

The clogged water pipe is the reason why the villages of Saraqino and Falishe in Tetovo have been without drinking water for a week. The employees of JKP Tetovo still cannot locate the location of the clogged water line, because it is a 12-kilometer water pipe that passes through an agricultural area, and according to previous experience, there is probably silt stuck in the pipe itself, someone roots, stones and the like.

Photo: Free Press

"Currently, there is only 10% water flow through the water pipe from the total amount, that's why we are convinced that the pipe is clogged. So far, we have controlled a location of more than 10 kilometers of the total length of the water pipe, but we have not yet found the defect. There are still almost 2 kilometers to go, we hope to find where the pipe is blocked and the problem will be solved. The problem is on the stretch from Brvenica-Dolno Sedlarce in the direction of the railway line. We found that this route was made in 1977, but in the 90s there was a change due to the construction of the Tetovo-Gostivar highway and those changes were not recorded. So now we have a problem to determine where the defect is. We did checks in several places, and therefore we rule out the possibility that there is a defect above the highway towards the well in the region of Palcishte-Kalnik", said Ljulzim Shaqiri, Head of the Water Supply and Sewerage Section at PU Tetovo.

Residents of Tetovo's Falishe and Saraqino villages have been without drinking water for the seventh day.

"We hope that they will finally solve the problem, we are currently managing as best we know how, it is difficult without clean drinking water, but it is positive that it is winter, so the need for water is not as great as in the summer, but I still think that they should send us cisterns with clean drinking water", says a resident of Falishe village.

This water supply system is dilapidated, the reason for which it often faces failures, and the villages are left without drinking water.

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