Samsonenko increased his share in "Zhito Polog", now he owns almost a fifth of the Tetovo company

Photo: Zito Polog / Facebook

The Russian businessman Sergei Samsonenko became the owner of 2.469 new ordinary shares with voting rights in "Zhito Polog", the Tetovo company announced. Samsonenko now has a total of 11.119 common shares or 19,86 percent of the ownership of the bread and cereal company.

In the report on the change of ownership, which was submitted to the Macedonian Stock Exchange, it is also stated that Golden Turquoise sold 6.417 ordinary shares with voting rights. With that, he no longer owns shares in "Zhito Polog".

Also, 6.417 ordinary shares with voting rights were also purchased from the Company for advertising, marketing, trade and services "Lid Communications" LLC Skopje. This represents 11,46 percent of the total number of issued shares. At the same time, the company for trade, production and services "AS Senjak" import-export Selaudin Arifi DOOEL sold 2.469 ordinary shares with voting rights. He now owns 7.679 ordinary shares, which is 13,71 percent of the total number of issued shares of "Zhito Polog" from Tetovo.

Russian millionaire Samsonenko is the former owner of the Vardar handball and football club, and he has shares in a number of other businesses in the country.

Otherwise, according to the situation from last month, when the public call for holding the shareholders' meeting was announced, "Zhito Polog" has issued 55.997 shares, and owns 5.499 own shares. The total number of common shares with voting rights is 50.498.

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