Slavica Janeshlieva's solo exhibition "Between" is set up in the FLU gallery in Suli an

Gallery "Dragutin Avramovski - Gute" in the area of ​​FLU at UKIM in Suli an

In the gallery "Dragutin Avramovski - Gute", which is located in the premises of the Faculty of Fine Arts at UKIM in Suli an (Old Skopje Bazaar), on November 20, the exhibition "Between" by Slavica Janeshlieva was opened.

Trying to visually represent moods, thoughts and feelings, i.e. to represent what she experienced and what she strongly feels, and which is difficult to describe, starting with the work "Communication" (2019), the author decided to use drawing as a medium. At the same time, he does not approach the drawing as a study, nor as a sketch or an idea for a concept, but as a challenging and precious visual medium, which is free and slips away from conventional thinking and understanding.

– I draw on paper with pencil, wood colors and indigo. Sometimes the line is just pressed into the soft cotton paper. I draw on the glass with a permanent marker, with an acrylic felt-tip pen and with contour paste. I also use collage (from Schneider cuttings and manuscripts), and I also add small objects. Everything depicted can be "read" symbolically, offers metaphors and is used with intent. But what is especially important to me in my object drawings is the "interspace". The space between the paper and the glass provided by the depth of the box frame. That space can be understood as a break, as an empty space between two words, as a vacuum that keeps the air I breathe, as the present time – between the past and the future, as a box full of feelings, as a space that allows shadows to be created, as a space where everything happens - explains Janešlieva.

For easier "reading" and understanding of the presented works, she lists several of her own interpretations of metaphors and symbols, such as: tailor's cut - shaping (tailoring) of a person, creating someone's or one's own destiny, life directions; numbers – personal / intimate meaning and/or clarification of the visual story; spiders – fear, protection, motherhood, weaving, tailoring, home, attack (hunting); ants – biting, work / effort, harmony, shivers, greed, selfishness, restlessness; snails – home, path of movement / trace / street, spiral, infinity; hair tie – story; sky – future, life of thought, play, spirituality; glass – fragility, impermanence, pain; shadows – communication, opposition, another dimension; water – information, disturbance; bird – freedom, achievement of desire, height; feather – remnant, beauty; butterfly – change, lightness; handwriting – person, language; clover – patience, hope, faith, happiness.

(The text was published in "Cultural Press" number 206, in the printed edition of the newspaper "Sloboden Pechat" on 25-26.11.2023)

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