A solo exhibition by Miroslav Masin is set up at the "El Greco" gallery.

The latest project of the "El Greco" gallery is the solo exhibition of the painter Miroslav Masin, which will be opened on November 26, at 13 p.m.

Miroslav Masin began his artistic career under the influence of Petar Mazev's expressionism, and under the mentorship of Dimitar Kondovski, Rodoljub Anastasov and Dushan Perchinkov, who, although different in approach, he says were an excellent combination and balance of order, consistency, freedom and erudition.

From the earliest artistic inspirations, he follows animal themes, and above all birds, which run through his entire oeuvre. They are also the motive for his last major exhibition at MANU, 2019, "Better on a branch than stuck in an elevator", accompanied by the slogan "Feathers will fly", and they are also current in his latest cycle of drawings, which was recently exhibited in the "El Greco" gallery.

– The frenetic and dynamic but reliable drawing is constantly present in his works as a skeleton, structure and base in his compositions. The second, very significant element in his work is the saturated, intense and expressive color, which does not have the primacy in this cycle. Here, it is only monochromatically present, in one tone, which gives color accent and symbolic associativeness.

The latest bird cycle is characterized by simplicity, black and white drawing, a repetitive system of approach to the subject, but a different "action" of the linearly shaped bird. Transformations, associations and symbolism of artistic elements and conception make the composition in Masin's works dynamic, concentrated, surreal, explosive, fun, mocking, cynical. This time, be careful, no feathers fly, "eggs fall on the eye"! - points out art historian Anna Frangovska.

(The text was published in "Cultural Press" No. 156, in the print edition of the newspaper "Free Press" on November 26-27, 2022)

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