Just for two decent wedding rings you need 500 euros, the golden times for newlyweds have passed

In the past, gold chains were bought for proms and weddings, now many of the buyers, after seeing the prices, switch to silver, say shops in Skopje

In jewelry stores, everything is shiny and beautiful, but jewelry is not available for most of the people. A gold chain, bracelet, earrings and ring were once a mandatory part of a gift for the bride, and today the parents of the future newlyweds are nervously wandering around the shops. It's the same with those "traditionalists", who still want to give their loved ones something golden for graduation.

There are few people around the jewelry stores in the city even though proms and weddings are in full swing. And, as the sellers say, it very often happens that silver jewelry is bought instead of gold jewelry. It is not surprising, if you can see from the assortment of the traditional "Ruby lipstick" that a very small pendant is 4.500 denars. There is no gold chain cheaper than 5.500 denars, and a short and thin chain, which means that 10.000 denars should be set aside for such a set. There are no earrings under 6.000 denars, and they are quite small.

The saleswomen say that when buyers come, they no longer see how much they like something, but how much they will be able to fit into the family budget.

- Here, some people came who wanted to buy a nice present for graduation. People say: "How can we now embarrass ourselves with their niece, when that same woman came to my child's prom at the time with a gold chain." They didn't buy gold, they bought more beautiful and striking silver jewelry - the saleswoman told an incident.

For a "real" bridal set, however, as they used to be, at least 1.000 euros should be set aside.

- It's very unpleasant when you see how someone wants to give the bride a nice gift for a wedding, so he starts ambitiously with a more beautiful ring, then as he discovers the prices, he replaces the gift with an increasingly smaller piece. But that is... Somehow even we need to justify why we sell so expensive - says our interlocutor in one of the jewelry stores.

But according to the experience of one of the owners of jewelry stores in GTC, the "new" brides do not want offensive jewelry.

- And the brides themselves, when they come to choose, look for something gentler, to commemorate the act. Earlier, they wanted more massive pieces, now there are no eye-catching chains or bracelets - says the jeweler.

In his shop, we looked at the offer of wedding rings, and the measurements showed that there are two decent wedding rings for the future married couple for less than 500 euros.

– Regarding the previous work, do we have 1 percent. We don't even buy a lot of jewelry anymore, so we don't have a large offer - says the owner of the jewelry store.

He also revealed that for a long period of time young people have been buying white gold more than yellow gold. A gram of white gold and a gram of yellow gold have the same price, but the processing of the jewelry itself makes white gold slightly more expensive. Of course, the purchase price at which jewelers buy gold (old jewelry) is 35 to 38 euros per gram, while when the jewelry is sold, they charge 65 to 74 euros per gram.

If, for the most part, the golden times for jewelers are gone, there are still those who say they expect a good season.

- In the spring and fall, many of our people from the diaspora come and have weddings here. They like to give brides rich gifts and know how to buy large jewelry for their sons' future brides - they say in a jewelry store in the Old Bazaar.

Precious stones can also be found in jewelry stores. As an illustration, we "picked" a white gold ring with a diamond of 0,75 carats, and the price we were told is 3.000 euros.

Sasho Dukovski, owner of the exclusive jewelry store "Sigma", who is also the president of the Chamber of Commerce in SSK, says that for a long period of time the price of ready-made jewelry in stores has not only not increased, but there is also a decreasing trend.

- If you look at the prices on the stock market screen, you might get the impression that you appreciate the growth, but this is not the case with the jewelry in our stores - concludes Dukovski.

A problem pointed out by jewelers is the "smuggling" of gold. The bulletins of the Customs Administration are very often full of texts about seized gold.

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