Only the kayakers of Veles are looking forward to the swollen Vardar

Photo: MIA

The rising waters of the Vardar River through Veles after the recent rains are causing concern these days about possible flooding for the residents of the houses and facilities near the river bank, as well as for the farmers who have gardens with greenhouses in the Rechani neighborhood, on the opposite side of the City Park. But on the other hand, the swollen and fast waters of Vardar are happy for the Veles kayakers, who this week have the most intensive preparations for the upcoming spring championships - the European and world championships.

Dime Stefanovski, coach and head of the Vardar Kayaking and Canoe Club from Veles, the swollen Vardar for kayakers means "exercises for strength, power and supremacy with the wild waters".

"These swollen waters of Vardar are an excellent opportunity for kayakers to gain strength and speed skills. "Such exercises in the fast and swollen waters of Vardar will greatly contribute to these young already successful Veles and Macedonian kayakers improving their form and physical preparation for the upcoming European and World Championships," says Stefanovski.

Every day this week, he has regular intensive and hard preparations with his kayakers. These are the young and already successful Veleska kayakers Filip, Ile, Martin, Stojanche, Valentino. Their older club colleague and currently the best Macedonian kayaker, Angelche Petrushevski, who is preparing for international competitions as the leader of the Macedonian kayak-canoe team, trained intensively with them.

18-year-old Petrushevski is a member of KKK "Vardar". Last year, he was declared the best Macedonian kayaker and the best athlete of Veles for 2022.

- Currently he is the best in the country and after the preparations in Vardar in Veles, we plan to continue preparations in Slovenia, for the upcoming European Senior Wild Water Championship in Krakow Poland, and then the World Senior Championship in England, which are a visa for the upcoming Olympics in Paris 2024, and where we hope to qualify for participation and winning a medal, says Stefanovski.

Last year, Petrushevski was the best in all Macedonian cups, and he also won the high fourth place at the European Junior Championship in kayak-slalom on wild waters in the Czech Republic.

CC "Vardar Veles" has existed since 1997 and many successful Veles and Macedonian kayakers have passed through it, and Angelche Petrushevski is one of the best. The club currently has 15 members between the ages of 8 and 21.

- The club is also open for the reception of new members who are challenged by the fast and wild waters of the river and who want competitions and victories, emphasizes the manager and coach of KKK "Vardar Veles", Dime Stafanovski.

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