Only twenty hotels are five stars out of 255 categorized accommodation facilities

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On April 1st, the Ministry of Economy published the latest Register of categorized facilities, in which luxury accommodation facilities not only confirmed their stars, but were also rated with the highest category called superior. Only one catering facility did not meet the conditions for categorization

The annual tourist offer of Macedonia includes 255 hotels, which are categorized according to European standards. Among them there are as many as 20 5-star hotels, most of which are in Skopje, Gevgelija, Ohrid, Struga, Berovo and Veles.

There are 4 hotels rated with 85 stars, of which one is in almost every city in the interior and again mostly in Skopje and Ohrid. Quite a number are rated with 3 stars, while for tourists who do not prefer luxury services, facilities of a lower category and with two stars are available. Only 4 catering establishments "shine" with only 1 star. On April XNUMXst, the Ministry of Economy published the latest Register of categorized facilities, in which luxury accommodation facilities not only confirmed their stars, but were also rated with the highest category called superior. Only one catering facility did not meet the conditions for categorization.

According to tourism workers, this categorization allowed Macedonia to position itself on the world tourist map. Ljupcho Janevski, former director of the Agency for the Promotion and Support of Tourism, told "Sloboden Pechat" that it is a real opportunity to invest in the hotel industry and to have as many highly categorized accommodation facilities as possible, which will enable higher added value in the activity. According to him, the categorization is good and is done according to European norms, and the Commission that implements it consists of several representatives from the tourist chambers, APPT, the Ministry of Economy, who know their job and really value the given stars.

– Our laws are good, but the valuation is one thing, and whether it is applied in practice is another thing entirely. Every tourist is important to us, and their evaluations then spread the good or bad word about the Macedonian tourist offer. It is good that such facilities are being built and let there be as many of them as possible in Skopje and Ohrid, which are the most visited tourist destinations. But it is important to invest in human capital and to offer as many additional services as possible in order to compete. Price is not always the most important thing. It is also good to bring more world brands in the hotel industry - explains Janevski and adds that the establishment of a real categorization is the basis for successful tourism and a good climate for attracting both tourists and investors.

The new rulebook for the categorization of catering facilities is from 2013 and to avoid accusations of subjectivism in the ranking, it is legal according to the law in a large number of European countries. For hotels of all categories, there is a certain minimum that they should have, and further, they will receive points for each service. The total score also gives the category.

- The categorizations are becoming more rigorous every year. The appearance and services of the hotel can always undergo changes - Krste Blažeski, president of HOTAM, said earlier.

Otherwise, according to the data of the State Statistics Office, the number of tourists who visited the country in February 2024 was 44.224, of which 39 percent were domestic, and 61 percent were foreign tourists. In February, a total of 39.370 people stayed in Macedonian hotels, of which 26.302 were foreigners. 5 tourists were accommodated in 16.215-star hotels, of which 12.007 were foreigners, while 4 guests were accommodated in 16.403-star hotels, of which 10.453 were foreigners. The rest of the guests stayed in the 3,2-star hotels, only 200 guests of which 95 foreigners chose the 1-star hotels for their stay.

What do hotel stars "illuminate"?

The ranking of hotels ranges from one star, for those with the least level of luxury, to five, where you can expect the best quality. For example, one-star hotels located in the suburbs must have daily room cleaning, a bathroom with a shower and a bathtub, a table with a chair and a TV, a reception that works at least 8 hours every day, a fax and a telephone available for guests, and a mandatory breakfast and drinks.

Mandatory in a two-star hotel is that breakfast is served as a buffet, in the guest rooms there must be a reading light and a separate closet for things, a bathtub with a shower and towels. The location of a 3-star hotel must be at a busy point in the city, and must have: reception available to guests at least 14 hours, staff must speak at least one foreign language, luggage room for guests, lobby next to reception, rooms must to have a minibar, telephone and internet access and a hairdryer in the bathroom. It often happens that 3-star hotels also have parking, a restaurant, a fitness center and a swimming pool.

In four-star hotels, the boundaries are further pushed and by booking rooms in such facilities, you can expect significantly more luxury. A luxurious 5-star hotel has a spacious lobby with a bar, in each room you will be welcomed with a gift, a safe for storing valuables and high-speed Internet. One-hour ironing facilities, 24-hour front desk, valet parking, doorman as well as luggage-carrying staff, top-notch service, phenomenally furnished rooms, top-notch cleanliness, center of the city near all important sights, restaurant with top cuisine, fitness, parking, swimming pool, often a spa center.

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