Sullivan: The US has no evidence that China plans to supply Russia with lethal weapons

The US does not confirm the information that China is preparing to send lethal weapons to Russia.

This was stated by Jake Sullivan, US national security adviser.

According to him, as early as 2022 there were concerns that China could provide weapons as direct "lethal aid" to Russia.

"We didn't see this in 2022. We didn't see it in 2023. We don't see it now. I look forward to talking to Britain to ensure we have a common operational picture. I want to better understand what exactly is meant in that comment," he stressed at the briefing.

Sullivan recalled U.S. concerns about what China is doing to fuel Russia's military machine, not by directly providing weapons, but by providing resources to Russia's defense industrial base.

"This is happening. That is something we are concerned about. We are taking steps to counter that in a coordinated way with our allies and partners, and you can expect more of that in the future," the US national security adviser added.

On May 22, Grant Shapps, the British Secretary of State for Defense said that London has evidence that Russia and China are about "weapons used in Ukraine".

According to Western media, during the war in Ukraine, China became Russia's main supplier of goods needed for various weapons.

In the last quarter of last year, 70% of machine tools likely to be used in weapons production were also imported from China.

On Tuesday, May 21, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the United States would continue to work with China, including imposing sanctions, to force Beijing to stop supporting Russia's war in Ukraine.

Commenting on the level of military cooperation between Moscow and Beijing, Blinken emphasized that so far no direct delivery of weapons has been observed, but China provides logistical and technological support to Russian military machinery.

In 2023, Russian forces began using the Chinese manufacturer's Desertcross all-terrain vehicles on the territory of Ukraine.

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