Sali continued the trend of rude outbursts of officials towards journalists, ZNM reacts

Photo: Free Press - Dragan Mitreski

A few days after the last outburst against a journalist by a state official, we are again faced with a case where the journalist asked a question Senate Zulbeari, addressed to the Minister of Health Bekim Sally, instead of an answer, he receives a "short lesson" on journalism from the minister, the Association of Journalists of Macedonia (ZNM) announced.

"This morning in the premises of the clinical hospital in Tetovo, during a press conference to which journalists and videographers were invited, the Minister of Health Bekim Sali and the director of the clinical hospital in Tetovo Amir Elezi had inappropriate communication and disparaging attitude towards some of the journalists present. In relation to a journalist's question related to attacks on them by hospital security, Sally instead of a proper answer said: "Let's be real, journalism is about informing the public, there are rules, it's ethical to officially submit questions to the authorities in the hospital or to the minister. The moment you come in without warning and make recordings, treat a subject, want to do research like it was done in the Ministry of Health, I think that's where you run into misunderstandings, and then there are accusations and there is no transparency. You have to look for transparency in the right way and you will find it. You record the elevator, in the section of the elevator you also search for information, there is no information because of its approach. Take it as positive criticism" - say ZNM.

ZNM has sounded the alarm about this negative trend of unprofessional treatment of journalists by state officials, which is increasing and we have already informed partner international organizations.

"We expect an apology from Minister Sally to the journalists and we point out that the state officials are in the service of the public and they must not have an inappropriate and offensive attitude towards the journalists, and thus towards the entire public to whom the information should be conveyed." This is the fifth negative outburst of a politician towards journalists and media workers in a period of two months, which indicates that these are no longer isolated incidents but become a negative trend of incorrect and belittling attitude of government representatives towards journalists," ZNM said.

It is not the prime minister's job to evaluate the editorial policy of the media

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