Sali Berisha re-elected as leader of "Renewal of DP"

sali berisha
Sali Berisha / Photo: EPA / ARMANDO BABANI

At today's National Assembly of the Movement "Renewal of the DP" of the more numerous wing of the Albanian opposition Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, former prime minister and president of Albania, was re-elected as leader.

According to Ivi Koso, from the election commission, Berisha received 938 votes out of 993 valid ballots out of a total of one thousand delegates.

- We will win because we are on a rescue mission for Albania. We will win because our cause is just, Berisha said among other things, thanking the trust.

In the Congress Palace, where the Parliament was held, Berisha was accompanied by his wife Liri and their daughter Argita Maltezi, who announced that she is entering politics, accusing that "the country is in danger of entering a dictatorship".

At this gathering, a Resolution was also voted, in which special emphasis is placed on the importance of uniting in a single opposition bloc "ready to take on all the challenges of the time to face the battle with the autocratic regime of the current narco-state".

Berisha was the leader of the DP until 2013, when he stepped down after the Democrats lost the parliamentary elections.

He was declared a historical leader, until two years ago when disagreements with Ljulzim Basha began, after Berisha was declared undesirable in the United States.

Since then, the party has been going through the deepest crisis to date. The members are divided into three wings: that of Berisha, then Basha, who according to the court is the legitimate leader of the party, and Gazmend Bardi, who is closer to Berisha in terms of views, but did not honor him by attending today's Assembly.

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