Sali Berisha remains "non grata" in Great Britain

Sali Berisha / Photo: EPA / ARMANDO BABANI

The former Albanian president and ex-prime minister Sali Berisha remains inadmissible to the UK after his appeal was rejected by the 'Special Immigration Appeals Board' in London.

"Berisha's lawyers tried but failed to overturn the British file through which the Home Office declared him 'non grata' on 19 July 2022. According to the British, the former prime minister was involved in corruption, interfered with the affairs of justice and had connections with organized crime, Ora News reported, citing Reuters.

The British agency published the decision made today in the "Special Commission for Immigration Appeals", where the judge in the case rejected Berisha's claim that he "enjoys immunity and cannot be punished in this way".

- We believe that it is inappropriate to apply the immunity formula as a former head of state stated in this complaint. For this reason and others stated at the closed session, Mr. Berisha's objection to the ban on entry to Great Britain is rejected, the decision states.

Berisha (80) was declared "non grata" by the United States in May 2022 along with his family (wife, son and daughter).

He has been under house arrest since December last year, on charges of involvement in corruption and abuse of office, during the privatization of the "Partizan" sports complex in Tirana. For a minimal financial amount, his son-in-law got the space for his daughter, when Berisha was prime minister, where he built multi-storey buildings, earning over 5 million euros in profit.

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