"She wanted to be invisible": Unknown details revealed about the princess who gave up Hollywood for love

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This year marks forty years since the death of the American actress Grace Kelly, who after marrying with Prince of Monaco, Rainier III in 1956, became princes of Monaco. The beautiful movie star, who had to give up her acting career for love, was often called "Princess Grace" in public.

Grace Kelly died in a car accident on September 14, 1982. On the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of this tragedy, the British media "Mirror" made an exclusive interview with one of Kelly's closest friends, the film director Robert Dornhelm.

Grace Kelly and Alfred Hitchcock / Photo: Warner Bros / Christophel Collection / Profimedia

Reminiscent of her memorable roles in the legendary director's Pick U to Kill films, Noon's Right Alfred Hitchcock and "Provincial Girl," for which she won the Academy Award for Best Actress, Dornhelm shared some lesser-known facts from Kelly's life.

Kelly and her Oscar for her role in the film "Provincial Girl" in 1954 / Photo: TopFoto / Topfoto / Profimedia

As Kelly was of Irish descent, she owned a small cottage near Cork and secretly yearned for a quiet life in Ireland, the homeland of her ancestors. Dornhelm claims that Kelly did not want to be famous, but dreamed of "sinking into obscurity".

"She longed to walk around Paris without anyone recognizing her, she was essentially an ordinary woman who dreamed of a simpler life. She wanted to be invisible, to be with ordinary people, to go to restaurants and pubs. We did this occasionally when she lived in Paris, I knew her then, and she was always very proud that no one recognized her and that she could be normal. That was not her concern, that was her hope," Dornhelm recounts.

The wedding of Grace Kelly and Prince of Monaco, Rainer III / April 19, 1956 /
Photo: TopFoto / Topfoto / Profimedia

“He wanted to finish in Cork. She was a total romantic and a big dreamer. I think Ireland would suit her well. But at the same time, the way her life unfolded was like a fairy tale. Her life could not end in any ordinary way – simply disappear without anyone noticing. She was simply born to be special and not have an everyday life," says the 74-year-old Austrian director.

Grace Kelly and Rainer III with their children Albert and Caroline / May 1, 1958 / Photo: Mary Evans/Allstar/Cinetext/Bild / Mary Evans Picture Library / Profimedia

Dornhelm met Kelly in 1977, when he was 30 and she was 48.

"Grace was lovely and simple, very direct. The first thing he said was, 'Don't call me Your Highness, call me Grace.' She was very normal. Very simple and uncomplicated. She was shining, no one could take their eyes off her. When she arrived somewhere, she was immediately noticed," he shared.

Grace Kelly / Photo: Paramount Pictures / Christophel Collection / Profimedia

Dornhelm says that Kelly was very funny and witty, quite the opposite of the description she was given - "ice blonde".

"She wanted to drink, dance and be normal. There was nothing cold about her. Made me feel special and appreciated. I was at the beginning of my career and she enjoyed my work. We used the documentary 'Children on Theater Street' to promote scholarships for talented children. We were at many premieres all over Europe," the director claims.

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