Cyber ​​experts warn - Gmail and Outlook users to delete certain emails to avoid fraud

Gmail, Outlook

Gmail and Outlook users have received a warning from cyber experts that there is a possible new scam that could cost them money.

The hacking tactics used by these fraudsters are the so-called "warning" emails for losing antivirus protection on your computer - writes "Express"

The e-mail has a forged signature of well-known companies, in order to convince you of the story that is sold as an "expired subscription".

The online scam goes so far as to say in one of McAfee's emails that the user's subscription has expired and needs to be renewed. The scam on Norton emails is different - the user is warned that the company will automatically charge him $ 500 to renew the license, with the option to cancel the subscription.

If you have these emails in your inbox in Gmail and Outlook, do not hesitate to delete them.

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