The DUI saga continues: 22 signatures against Visar Ganiu's views

DUI management/Photo: MIA

The signatures of 22 senior officials in DUI, including Minister Bujar Osmani, MPs, party vice-presidents, KLA veterans and other senior officials of the Chair branch of DUI contradict Visar Ganiu's statements.

- The Democratic Union for Integration is a national treasure of the Albanians and all citizens in North Macedonia that advocates for freedom, equality, integration and development of the state, investing in national, regional, international, infrastructural, developmental, educational, cultural, social and health projects. All these achievements were realized with our joint contribution and action in the election campaigns and in the implementation of the election promises and programs, it is stated in the introduction of the petition.

They emphasize that in every election cycle, the victory is ensured by the citizens with the joint work and contribution of each of the activists of the Democratic Union for Integration in the Chair.

- We, the undersigned, senior members of the DUI branch in Chair and other local and central party bodies are particularly concerned about the circumstances in our local structures because since the election to date there has been no meeting of the DUI branch in Chair for the last 3 years , nor has the implementation of the promised local and central election program been revised, nor have the responsible persons been called to account for the realized or unrealized projects. All projects have the contribution of each one of us and are made jointly because we cannot do anything alone, and this was made possible by DUI and the leader Ali Ahmeti. Every service, every project promised to the citizens, we had the opportunity to realize only because such an opportunity was delegated to us by the leader of DUI, Mr. Ali Ahmeti, the announcement states.

The signatories are deeply disappointed by the individual public reactions of the Mayor of Chair Municipality and distance themselves from the offensive language used and the attempts to appropriate and install division.

-At the same time, we call for an immediate end to the abuse of the position for such individual agendas that are not in accordance with the leader Ali Ahmeti and the Democratic Union for Integration. We, the undersigned, unequivocally support and firmly stand behind the leader Ali Ahmeti and the Democratic Union for Integration. We also appeal that no individual be called in the name of the branch of the Democratic Union for Integration Chair for personal agendas outside the political aspirations and programs of our leader, Ali Ahmeti and the Democratic Union for Integration, the petition reads.

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