The saga of the Tetovo communal workers: I was left without a transfusion intervention, and I buy the drugs for arrhythmia privately because I do not have insurance

Photo: Sloboden pechat/Zoran Dimovski

After the strike that the employees of the Public Utility Company of Tetovo held last month, during which they demanded the payment of back wages, the municipality decided to pay them only one salary.

However, as the Tetovo utility workers say, they have not been paid their salaries for three months. Due to such delays in salaries for years, they are without health insurance, and mostly they are sick and elderly people who work in minus temperatures and in very bad conditions.

"They owed us four salaries, now they gave us one salary for the eighth month. For the ninth, tenth and eleventh month, there is nothing yet. We don't have health insurance, we pay for everything privately, even for hospital treatment. They didn't do a transfusion intervention because I don't have insurance, I take the drugs for arrhythmia privately. My son works in a factory, but my wife and I are without insurance. She is insured by me, she had to pay 2000 denars for medicine, which we should pay 500 denars. We took a salary, we paid for bills, and where is food, where are household expenses", said Muzafer Bejeti, an employee of the Tetovo PUC.

They say that several parties have changed in the local government, but so far all of them have had an ignorant attitude towards the Tetovo communal workers.

"We are not satisfied with any party. It was DPA, it was DUI, and now it's Besa. Since I have been at work for 25 years, I have not been satisfied with any party," says Bejeti.

Today, in front of the headquarters of the Department of Communal Hygiene at PUC Tetovo, the advisory group of DUI pointed the blame for this situation with the delay in the salaries of the Tetovo municipal employees at the mayor of the Municipality of Tetovo. Bilal Kasami.

Photo: Free Press

"We want to inform you that a year ago at an extraordinary session of the Council of the municipality, at the request of the management of the municipality, 25 million denars were awarded to the Public Utility Company, in order to pay the workers the 3 salaries that the company owes them. At that session, we asked for proof that these funds will go to the workers, but the mayor categorically refused to provide any proof to the Municipal Council. Today, even after a year, PUC workers are forgotten and have been without wages and health insurance for 3 months, that's why we ask the mayor of the municipality, instead of walking around Europe, to come out and take responsibility and say where the 25 million denars intended for the salaries of PUK workers, because he himself came here several times and promised them that he would improve their working conditions and pay their salaries. Now it turns out that these workers, who do honest work in our society, were used only for a campaign, and then they are forgotten, and the worst thing is that funds from the municipal budget are spent in the name of these workers, funds that do not go where they are intended, said Veton Murati, a councilor in the Municipality of Tetovo from the ranks of DUI.

The Municipality of Tetovo announced that starting from 1 month, the municipal waste management in the city will be taken over by a Slovenian company, and before that all the arrears of salaries to the Tetovo municipal employees will be paid.

However, neither a Slovenian company manages the garbage in Tetovo, nor have the arrears of salaries of the employees of PUC Tetovo been paid.

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