The United States opposes the WHO reform plan

WHO / Photo: Free Press Archive

САД, the largest donor of World Health Organization (WHO), oppose proposals to make the organization more independent.

The proposal previously made by WHO Working Group for sustainable financing calls on the Member States gradually to increase mandatory donations by 2024, so that their money will make up half of the organization's budget, compared to the current 20 percent. The plan is part of a broader pandemic-driven reform process cove-19, which pointed to limitations in the WHO 's ability to respond to crises earlier.

Proponents of the reform say the current reliance on voluntary funding by member states and charities, such as The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, forces the WHO to focus on the priorities set by financiers and to limit criticism from members.

However, the United States opposes the reform, expressing concern about the WHO's ability to deal with future threats, including those from China, officials involved in the talks said. Washington is pushing for a special donor-controlled fund to fund emergency prevention and control.

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