USA: The question is whether Kurti can be considered our partner, we do not remember such a deep gap between Pristina and Washington

US Ambassador to Serbia Christopher Hill today he assessed that the question is whether the US can consider Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti as a partner and added that "he does not remember such deep divisions between Pristina and Washington".

In an interview with Voice of America, Hill said that Serbia is a constructive partner in the process of the current crisis in Kosovo, but that it is expected to recognize the Kosovo documents and not prevent Pristina from joining international organizations.

The US ambassador on the situation in Kosovo said that the US has a problem with Kurti.

"It seems to me that we have some very fundamental problems with him, whether we can count on him as a partner. But I will leave that decision to our embassy in Pristina, Hill said, adding that calming tensions is essential.

According to him, there is "de-escalation, of course from the Serbian side, and the expectations of the EU and the USA are that Kosovo take a step in that direction". He considered that it is important that the special police withdraw from the municipal buildings in the north of Kosovo, and that the mayors leave those buildings.

"A slightly more difficult question is whether you can have new elections. From the Serbian side, it was clearly stated that the establishment of the Community of Municipalities with a Serbian majority population (ZSO), which is still a problem for Kurti, is important. Because everyone else understands that it is necessary," added the American ambassador in Belgrade.

Hill said the United States considers Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic a good partner.

- We count on him as a good partner, he and his government are good partners in this process. And we hope it continues. We would like him to do everything he can to de-escalate the situation and we see that it is already being implemented. That is very positive, said the American ambassador.

According to him, there is an understanding with the authorities in Serbia on how to move forward, to do things together.

- I hope that the people of Serbia will understand that we want to cooperate much more politically, economically, in the field of security... We are very interested in improving relations with Serbia, at least as much as the people and the government in Serbia are interested in it. We feel that Serbia is becoming a better and better partner for us, Hill added.

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