The United States supports the Chinese people's right to protest, the White House said


The United States has expressed its support for people in China who are protesting against the "lockdowns" that their government is imposing, strictly following a "zero tolerance" policy for covid-19 outbreaks across the country.

"People should be allowed ... the right to assemble and peacefully protest policies or laws or dictates ... that they don't agree with," said White House national security spokesman John Kirby.

- The White House supports the right to peaceful protest, said the spokesperson.

He added that the United States had not received any requests from China for vaccines after experts suggested that Chinese President Xi Jinping may need to import Western vaccines if he decides to relax his country's coronavirus policy.

Earlier, Germany told China to start using mRNA vaccines from the West to get out of the pandemic, writes Politico. In recent days, large civil unrest and protests against the country's policy regarding the suppression of the coronavirus have been taking place in China.

In Shanghai, protesters called on Chinese President Xi Jinping to resign. According to local media, the protests have calmed down given the heavy police presence on the streets

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