The United States is evacuating the families of embassy staff in Ukraine

US State Department
US Department of State / Photo: Free Press Archive

State Department ordered the families of US Embassy staff in Ukraine to begin evacuating the country on Monday, US officials told Fox News.

Next week, the State Department is expected to urge Americans to begin leaving Ukraine on commercial flights "while they are still available," an official said.

Moscow has deployed more than 100.000 troops along the Ukrainian border, sparking fears of an invasion.

The US Embassy in Ukraine says the first shipment of small arms ammunition has arrived, on the instructions of President Joe Biden. U.S. officials also told Fox that Javelin anti-tank missiles were expected to arrive from the Baltic states and U.S. military reserves early next week.

The three former Soviet states, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, will also send anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine.

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