Are you having sex less and less? Try to plan it - experts advise

Photo: Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio

For younger couples, the idea of ​​"booking" time for sex could be very unusual, as intimacy at the beginning of a relationship is usually very frequent, spontaneous and passionate. Truth be told, many people have a bit more time then, so it doesn't really matter to them whether their passions flare up at 21pm or 4am. Even if they worked for a few hours afterwards, it says "".

Of course, sexual desires and needs differ and there is no answer to how much sex is enough or too much. It's important that both of you are happy and find your way to happiness no matter how long you've been together. There's always room to explore and discover new things, right?

But it often happens that couples in long-term relationships or marriages, due to obligations, stress or something else, put aside intimacy and it becomes less and less, which can lead to dissatisfaction in the long term. If you find yourself in this situation, maybe you and your partner should consider setting a time for sex. If you need to, write it down on a calendar or reminder – in fact, planning can improve a 'dormant' sex life.

It is completely normal for the libido to subside over time or from time to time and for intimate moments to become rare due to life circumstances. It's hard to say what the tipping point is – some couples will experience a lack of intimacy in a few weeks and others in a few years.

Planned sex doesn't have to be monotonous – that doesn't mean you won't have exciting moments full of passion. Its main advantage is obvious – planning sex usually leads to more intimate moments. In addition, perhaps this tactic will remind you and your partner how beautiful and valuable the moments together are and that they should not be missed - of course, if the desire is mutual and if there are no serious problems.

Scheduling time just for sex is not uncommon because the work week is often packed with responsibilities. Just because you agreed doesn't mean you timed every second of the game. It can still be interesting, exciting, fast or slow...

How will you organize your time alone? Simple: by talking. You can arrange babysitting, a date for two to spice it up when you get back, or whatever you want. It is only important not to forget the importance of emotional as well as physical connection, gestures and touches. This can greatly enrich your relationship or marriage and "wake up" the spark.

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