Everything is clean with the filmmakers, only they are with an unresolved status and with a reduced budget for a film

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Everything is clean in the Society of Film Workers and there is no illegal financing of DFRM by the Film Agency, claims the president of the Society, Igor Ivanov Izi, reacting to the recently published report of the Working Group for determining the situation and the possibilities for the advancement of the work of the Film Agency, established by the outgoing Minister of Culture Bisera Kostadinovska Stojchevska.

- We emphasize once again that in DFRM, after the reports, all possible inspections by the Ministry of Culture, the Financial Police, the Police, the State Audit Office, the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption and as is evident and known, everything is clean with us!, is decisive Ivanov.

The internal audit of the Ministry of Culture determined that 39 projects received around 813.000 euros and did not make films, nor did they return the money, that forged documents from privileged producers were tolerated, that competitions were rigged by persons with a conflict of interest, illegal payments of money to the DFRM, no financial reports were submitted for the "Manaki Brothers" Festival and that they were illegally drawn through the "Golden Frame" festival.

- These strange, violent and hasty reactions clearly indicate an intention to destroy Macedonian film, to destroy Macedonian film productions, to destroy the Society of Film Workers, and especially to disunite the producers from the Production section of the DFRM, which for the second year are waging a Sisyphean struggle with the Film Agency and the Ministry of Culture, demanding equal treatment of all producers and better conditions for film professionals, the DFRM announced today.

In the statement sent to the media, DFRM emphasizes that "the main generator of this "crisis scenario" is exactly Milcho Mančevski, because he quoted this report in public, a few days before publishing it in its entirety", and "the purpose of his association with Kostadinovska Stojchevska, indicates a concentration of power whose sole purpose is revanchism towards the success of domestic cinema and affirming the false inviolability of Manchevski".

The film workers integrated in the oldest and most prominent association of the film industry are considering a lawsuit for defamation and possibly a criminal complaint for fabricating information by those responsible in the Ministry of Culture, so previously, through a statement, they called on the future Minister of Culture Zoran Ljutkov to prioritize them shed light on all the slanders coming from the line ministry.

The film workers who are holding the Society's Assembly today regularly prepare reports on their current work that are adopted by the Assembly, but neither the Ministry of Culture nor the Film Agency asked them to, so Ivanov rejected all the accusations stated in the Report as ridiculous.

On the other hand, he stated that the situation in which the Macedonian film is stuck is catastrophic, with the constant reduction of the film budget, and the film professionals are in a difficult situation due to their unresolved status, and this is precisely the focus of today's annual Assembly of the DFRM.

- Freelance artists such as directors, screenwriters, directors of photography, editors, scenographers and costume designers are entitled to subsidies, but there are also a large number of professionals (scarfers, grid-masters, makeup assistants) who are not direct authors in the creation process of the film, but they are important actors for every film production and these people are not employed somewhere, i.e. they are freelancers who deserve to have a fixed status, said Ivanov.

The sixth edition of review of the Macedonian film "Golden Frame" on which all Macedonian films, financed by the Film Agency in 2023, will be shown.

- "Golden Frame" is a celebration of Macedonian film and a report on what was done in the previous year. The screenings are free and the audience can see the Macedonian feature-length, documentary and short films that last year passed the film festivals around the world, and the review is a great opportunity to hear criticism about the films due to the presence of the authors, directors and percentages, stressed Ana Vasilevska , artistic coordinator.

The audience will have the opportunity to see the three feature films released last year: "Overexposed" by director Eleonora Veninova, "Lena and Vladimir" by director Igor Alexov and "Housekeeping for Beginners" by Goran Stolevski.

The three honorary awards at Wednesday's ceremony will go to: Toni Mihajlovski for outstanding actor, Vladimir Anastasov for outstanding author and Marina Koloska for outstanding film worker.

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