Russian Ministry of Defense: The combat training of the mobilized citizens has begun

Russia referendum/ Photo Viktor Antonyuk / Sputnik / Profimedia

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced today that the citizens of Russia who are mobilized within the framework of the partial mobilization are undergoing combat training at the training centers of the Ministry of Defense and at the rear training grounds.

The Moscow newspaper "Izvestia" reported that the training takes place in one of the training centers of the Southern Military District.

Mobilized citizens undergo training in modern combat tactics, first aid and the use of battlefield communications. Special attention was paid to military topography, engineering training, the basics of radiation, chemical and biological protection.

Soldiers are trained to fire Kalashnikov assault rifles, Kalashnikov light machine guns and RPG-7V grenade launchers.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia adds that after completing the training, all units with mobilized citizens and volunteers will be entrusted with the control and defense of the "liberated territories", as Moscow calls the territories in Ukraine that are under its control.

On September 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a partial mobilization in the country and the military authorities immediately announced that 300.000 people would be mobilized.

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