Russian athletes awarded medals, medals and BMW cars for winning medals at the Tokyo Games

Russian athletes who won medals at the Tokyo Olympics received special gifts./photo: EPA-EFE / PATRICK B. KRAEMER

A total of 129 BMW cars have been awarded to Russian athletes who won medals at the Games, said Alexander Katushev, president of the Fund for Support of Olympism.

The gold medal winners received a BMW X5 as a gift, the silver medal winners won BMW X3 with different configurations, while the athletes who won bronze medals in Tokyo won BMW X3 with simple configurations.
"We have provided 129 cars for 129 medal winners," Katushev told Russian media.

In addition to the cars, the medal winners received cash prizes, and at the Kremlin reception they were awarded the Alexander Nevsky Order, the Order of Honor, the Order of Friendship and the Order of Patriotic Honor of the second degree.

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