The Russian nightmare for the Su-57 Felon fighter is just beginning

As the Russian-Ukrainian war continues into its third year, the limitations of the Russian military, particularly in controlling airspace, have become apparent.

Namely, the Sukhoi Su-57 Felon, a fifth-generation multirole fighter, is underperforming.

Since its first flight in 2010, only about 32 of the type have been delivered, with production delays exacerbated by industry bottlenecks.

Criticisms of the Su-57 include its large radar cross section comparable to older fighters and ongoing problems with its engine and sensors, partly due to international sanctions.

Despite these failures, the Su-57 is recognized as a capable aircraft with advanced maneuverability and a maximum speed of Mach 2.

The Russian-Ukrainian war has focused international attention on the capabilities of the Russian military.

As the war enters its third year, the shortcomings of Putin's forces are apparent.

One of the biggest surprises since the beginning of the conflict has been Russia's failure to control the airspace over Ukraine.

Numerous setbacks and delays slowed production of the Su-57 – but even the finished product failed to impress.

Despite the failure to produce Su-57s in sufficient numbers so far, the Russian Ministry of Defense boasts that the Su-57 production rate will be doubled by 2024.

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