A Russian drone crashed into a vehicle on Swedish television

Photo: Twitter

A Russian drone crashed into a car belonging to the crew of the Swedish TV4 channel in the Zaporozhye region, reports "Ukrainska Pravda".

Reporter Johan Fredriksson and photographer Daniel Zdolšek were not injured in the attack. The attack happened yesterday around 11:30 am local time. Local media point out that the attack was carried out despite the media workers wearing vests and helmets with the inscription "PRESS". The car was hit moments after they got out.

"This time we were lucky. The Russian drone hit the back door of our car directly. Fortunately, there was no one in the car," said Fredrickson. Ukrainian producer Oleksandr Pavlov was slightly injured in the attack, and two Ukrainian police officers who accompanied the TV4 crew were also wounded.

The car and the recording equipment were completely destroyed in the attack. The report states that the employees of TV4 planned to record a report on the Ukrainian counter-offensive. The trip to this area was planned and organized by the local police. The TV4 team has completed several security trainings, and Fredriksson has been monitoring geopolitical hotspots for more than thirty years.

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