Russian astrologer predicts: These zodiac signs will have the best luck in 2023

Photo: Pexels

One of the most famous Russian astrologers, Pavel Globa released his astrological forecast for 2023. According to him, three of the zodiac signs will have the most luck and prosperity during the next year, Atma reported.

In the following, read about which zodiac signs we are talking about.


Gemini will be the luckiest in 2023. They will realize all their plans, and their financial situation will become significantly better.

They should take advantage of the fact that the stars will be in their favor to work on ideas that they have had for a long time.


Cancers will also enjoy the fact that their lives are getting better and better.

Without much effort, they will get everything they want – bonuses at work, expensive gifts and even winnings in games of chance!


Scorpios are waiting for unimaginable financial luck! Most likely, this will be the result of hard work. However, while it is deserved, it will be unexpected.

There is a possibility of a job promotion, a higher salary or an offer for a new and better paid job in another company.

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