The Russians are conducting extensive tests on the captured Bradley fighting vehicle

The Russian military conducted a weapons test on a captured Bradley infantry fighting vehicle in Ukraine.

The purpose of the comprehensive tests is to identify the vulnerable points and make an assessment of the capabilities of this infantry fighting vehicle.

During the tests the vehicle was subjected to open fire from the standard 30mm autocannon 2A42, using 3UBR6 and 3UBR8 rounds.

While the results of the test remain secret, visual evidence from the screens on the Bradley's hull indicate typical signs of weapons testing.

Additionally, all blocks of explosive reactive armor, known as Bradley Reactive Armor Tiles, have been removed from the sides of the hull, presumably for detailed analysis.

Russian forces are meticulously studying captured samples of Western military vehicles and weapons recovered on the battlefield in Ukraine to identify their weaknesses.

Analysts suggest that the Russians are unlikely to try to replicate Western military equipment because of differences in tactical concepts and technological limitations of their industrial base, which could hinder the production of high-quality replicas of American or European weaponry.

The testing of the captured military vehicles underscores Russia's ongoing efforts to gather intelligence and improve its understanding of Western military technology.

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