The Russians planned to partially encircle Kharkiv, but the operation was reportedly delayed

Kharkiv, Ukraine / Photo EPA-EFE/SERGEY KOZLOV 52931

Referring to "war plans," "Economist” reported that the Russians planned to partially encircle Kharkiv and advance east of the Pechenyi reservoir. The operation was reportedly delayed for almost a week for unknown reasons.

The Russians are said to have "identified two axes" of attack from both sides of the reservoir. The offensive on the western front was supposed to bring the Russian soldiers within range of the artillery of Kharkiv, near the village of Borshcheva, writes the Economist. However, they were stopped by the Ukrainian 92nd Brigade, which pushed them back 10 kilometers from the original objective. "The Economist" also states that the Russian plan on the Vovchan Front was to break through to the city of Pechenyi.

"The Russians initially carried out this operation quickly, going through an area that should have been prepared with minefields and heavy engineering fortifications, but was not," the statement said.

Denis Yaroslavsky, commander of the intelligence unit of the Ukrainian armed forces, told reporters that the Russians "were only allowed to pass through the area." "We watched them pass on May 9 and I told my men to watch them die in the minefields. "There were no explosions, they just continued," he said.

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