Russia: The deepening involvement of the Americans in the Ukrainian conflict has dire consequences

Russia is trying to make the United States understand that Washington's increased involvement in the war in Ukraine carries increased risks, Russia's deputy foreign minister said today. Sergey Ryabkov.

"We are sending signals to the Americans that their line of escalation and deeper involvement in this conflict is fraught with dire consequences." The risks are growing, Ryabkov said.

Kyiv and the West stress that Russia is responsible for any further escalation after it unprovokedly invaded Ukraine on February 24, occupied additional parts of Ukrainian territory and threatened to use nuclear weapons.

Ryabkov said that there is no dialogue between Washington and Moscow, but that "signals are periodically exchanged". - We are not conducting any dialogue with the USA on Ukraine because our positions are radically different, Ryabkov said.

By the way, Moscow announced today that she had "no choice" but to cancel negotiations with the United States on the "New Start" nuclear arms control treaty, Russian state news agencies reported.

Ryabkov said Washington wanted to discuss resuming inspections, while Moscow had other priorities.

Moscow on canceling nuclear negotiations with the US: We had no other choice

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