We are getting closer to a possible nuclear collision between Russia and the West, says Shoigu

Photo: EPA-EFE /

Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu warned of a possible "nuclear collision" between Moscow and the West, reports Sky News.

According to Russian media, Shoigu said that there are fewer and fewer steps left before a potential incident occurs. Shoigu's statement is a reaction to Britain's announcement that it will supply Ukraine with ammunition containing depleted uranium, reports Sky News.

Speaking in London, yesterday Annabelle Goldie, the defense secretary, said some of the ammunition for the Challenger 2 battle tanks Britain is sending to Ukraine includes armor-piercing rounds containing depleted uranium.

"Such a move will prompt Russia to respond," Shoigu said.

Earlier today, the spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Marija Zaharova, called the British plan a "Yugoslav scenario," saying the munitions caused cancer and environmental damage.

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