Russia announces new mobilization, but promises that new recruits will not fight in Ukraine

Russian arsenal on display on Victory Day in Moscow / Photo: EPA-EFE / SERGEI ILNITSKY

Russia begins another wave of recruitment from October 1, but the Army assures future soldiers that they will not fight in Ukraine, DPA reported.

The soldiers will be called up for 12 months of basic military training but will not be deployed to a war zone, said Rear Admiral Vladimir Zimlyansky, who is in charge of recruitment.

- There are enough volunteers who "perform appropriate tasks" in Ukraine, he pointed out.

In Russia, there are two waves of recruitment per year. According to the announcement of the General Staff, the men should return home after completing their military service. However, they can also commit to combat operations in Ukraine on a contractual basis.

Zimlyanski did not give specific numbers on how many recruits will be called up this time during the fall recruitment. Typically, about 120 recruits complete their military service. In the spring, 147 thousand people were invited, Zimlyanski said.

According to official Russian data, about 300 volunteers have signed up for military service in recent months. In addition, during the partial mobilization last year, 300 thousand reservists were called up.

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