"Russia outside Ukraine" - pro-Ukrainian demonstrations across Europe on the second anniversary of the start of the war

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Thousands of people rallied today in support of Ukraine in cities across Europe on the second anniversary of the start of Russia's invasion of the country. With banners that read "Russia out of Ukraine", the protesters expressed their support, although a relatively small part of the public opinion believes in the victory of Kiev, reports Beta.

In Germany, around 5.000 people gathered in Berlin carrying Ukrainian flags and banners reading "Defend Ukraine" and "Arm Ukraine Now". Gatherings were also held in Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart.

In France, several thousand people gathered in several cities in support of Ukraine, with protesters chanting "Putin is a murderer" and "Russia out of Ukraine." Rallies were held in Paris, Lille, Rouen, Nice and Toulouse where protesters carried a large yellow and blue Ukrainian flag. In addition to solidarity, many also expressed concern, as Ukrainian forces lack weapons and ammunition.

In London, several thousand people walked from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square carrying Ukrainian flags.

In Stockholm, there were also several thousand people gathered under the slogan "Russia out of Ukraine".

A gathering was also held in Belgrade with the presence of several hundred people, and was led by the Ukrainian ambassador to Serbia, Volodymyr Tolkach.

In Italy, several hundred people participated in a rally in Milan under the slogan "Victory for Peace", on the initiative of pro-Ukrainian associations.

In Greece, about 400 people gathered in the center of Athens.

Despite the support, European citizens are pessimistic about Ukraine's chances of winning the war against Russia. According to a survey by the European Council on International Relations, only ten percent of respondents believe in a victory for Ukraine. About 20 percent believe that Russia will win, while 37 percent believe that the war will end with some kind of compromise.

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