Russia lost Ka-29 helicopter to friendly fire

A Russian Ka-29 naval combat helicopter was shot down over occupied Crimea, killing four crew members.

Russian propagandists claim that their helicopter was shot down due to a major Ukrainian attack on Russian forces. According to them, Ukraine has started to apply a new strategy – simultaneous attacks with the help of drones.

"They used a new tactic. Simultaneous attacks. To repel the drone attack, aircraft need to be launched, and to counter the aircraft, aerial targets need to be destroyed. But these actions do not work well together for us," Russian sources reported.

The Russians revealed that the Ka-29 helicopter was mistakenly shot down by their own Pantsir-S1 air defense system. This friendly incident highlights the challenges and confusion they face during complex, multifaceted engagements.

The Ka-29, known by the NATO designation "Helix-B", is an attack transport helicopter that has been in service since the 1980s. Designed for both troop transport and combat, it can accommodate two pilots and 16 soldiers.

The helicopter is equipped with four points for carrying rockets, cannons, bombs and anti-tank missiles.

Over 60 units were produced.

Russian forces are increasingly relying on the Ka-29 to intercept kamikaze drones, which pose a growing threat to their warships.

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