Russia is using the latest Su-57 aircraft to attack targets in Ukraine!?

The Russian Air Force in the last combat operations on the front in Ukraine put into action their latest Su-57 fighter jets targeting positions of the Ukrainian army.

The Su-57 Felon, developed by Sukhoi, is a fifth-generation Russian stealth fighter designed for a variety of combat capabilities against land, air and sea targets. Its first flight took place in January 2010, with a subsequent combat test in Syria in 2018.

On February 18, accompanied by two Su-35 aircraft, the Su-57 carried out a missile attack, and according to the information of the Russian forces, the aircraft was armed with an advanced cruise missile "x-69", specially designed for the platform of this aircraft.

Operating from the occupied territory of the Luhansk region, the Su-57 entered Ukrainian airspace under escort, followed by the launch of the missile.

However, reports state that due to a malfunction in the system, the rocket missed the target and fell into a field.

In addition, in the information of the Russian media it is stated that the Russians used the latest Su-57 in the missile attack on Ukraine to make a military propaganda film.

This film is expected to be shown as proof of the "successful" development of the Russian defense industry before the upcoming presidential elections in Russia.

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