The "romance" between Johnny Depp and his lawyer is a tactic: Here's why

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp and his lawyer Camilla / Photo: EPA-EFE

These days, more than usual, there are "whispers" about Camilla Vazquez, the lawyer of Johnny Depp who represents him in litigation, and many are convinced that there is more than just a professional relationship between the two.

Rumors: Johnny Depp and his lawyer Camilla are in love

The warm hugs, smiles and incredible closeness between Camilla and Depp have caused speculation in the public, which is convinced that it is a love affair.

Johnny Depp

A leading expert on body language and communication skills also spoke about all this, suggesting that their interactions are part of a "tactic" to portray the actor as a "romantic hero".

"They seem to be flirting, but that's probably the trick," said expert Judy James.

She is convinced that the "closeness" between Depp and his lawyer serves to make the actor gentler and more likable, unlike the image of the bully as portrayed by his ex-wife Amber Heard.

"If a picture is worth more than a thousand words, these 'words' look more than romantic. "Her behavior in court puts Depp back in the role of a romantic hero, and for his fans it will be a kind of confirmation," said James.

Johnny Depp
Johnny and his lawyer Camilla / Photo: EPA-EFE / SHAWN THEW / POOL

She also referred to a photo of them hugging Vazquez with her eyes closed and a satisfied smile, describing the situation as "well-trained for the cameras".

Meanwhile, despite the look that, as they say, resembles Megan Markle, Camilla won over fans with other features, and although many liked these "romantic" scenes and wished the actor to have someone like Camilla, the lawyer is happy relationship for several months.

Although she has decided not to comment on the relationship with the client for the time being and the numerous speculations about them, she promised to do so when the court rules.

Johnny Depp

Camilla is known as a "fierce interrogator", and during the interrogation of Amber Heard he managed to make her admit that she has not yet donated the agreed amount she received from the divorce to charity - as she promised and until recently claimed in public.

From the very beginning of the trial, the lawyer who works for the company "Brown Rudnick LLP" was favored by many and was recognized as an extremely concentrated person ready to "pursue justice to the end".

As a reminder, at the defamation trial, Depp is seeking $ 50 million in damages, and Hurd is seeking twice as much, or $ 100 million.

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