The novel "I can still do something" by Frosina Parmakovska received the "Racinov recognition" for 2024

The Mayor of the Municipality of Veles, Marko Kolev, presented the "Racinovo Recognition" award for 2024 to Frosina Parmakovska

The writer Frosina Parmakovska with the novel "I can still do something" is the winner of the Racinov award for 2024. The award was presented to her on June 19 at the opening ceremony of the 61st edition of "Racin's Meetings" at the Memorial Ossuary in Veles.

The decision for the prize in a competition of 25 books was made by the jury composed of: Svetlana Petrova Djambazova (president) and Maja Apostolovska and Jasminka Delova Seljanova (members).

In the explanation of the decision on the award-winning novel, it is stated, among other things:

– This is a work that uses the seemingly inductive method, starting from the characters, it introduces us to the basic development lines of the story, filling it each time with something new about the main character Ivan and his closest (friends and relatives) environment. In this way, the author creates a complex structure of characters, relations, relationships, events, giving us details about other characters, but always returning the focus of the narration to the main character and his intimate feelings, thoughts, moods and fears, with which he is not always able to face it and falls into melancholic to depressive crisis states.

The author accepts the challenge through objective research procedures to come to her own insights, refracted through the prism of her seismographically precise sensitive capacity, and to speak in a warm human, storytelling skill about the depressive disorders increasingly present in man today, about the affair of stolen babies in the former Yugoslavia, about which was written and researched a lot years after the events, about the questions that plague man today, Shakespearean perhaps, but also ontological, epistemological, theological, pessimistic, optimistic, realistic, magical and magical... suggesting a multifaceted approach to the essentials of the story - it says in the rationale for the award.

The novel "I can still do something" is published by the publishing house "Ili-ili" as book no. 226 in the "PROaZA" edition.

The award "Honorary Racinov recognition for 2024" at the 61st edition of "Racinovi sredbe" was awarded to Annamaria Tsinage-Panzova.

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