Agatha Christie novels redone for potentially offensive language

Agatha Christie / Photo: Profimedia

Several novels of the British writer Agatha Christie were redacted due to a potentially offensive narrative, including slurs and racial references, British media reported.

The novels of the "queen of crime fiction" are the latest classics to be revised to remove racist references and language deemed offensive to modern audiences.


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HarperCollins has edited some of the passages in Christie's books and removed some entirely from the new digital editions. It is about detective mysteries, in which fictional characters appear Hercule Poirot и Miss Marlp, which were originally published from 1920 to 1926, are now to be republished in new digital versions by the same publishing house.

Namely, a special group of readers-critics made changes in the texts, related to race, descriptions of the female body and certain adjectives that could be offensive nowadays.

This is the first time Agatha Christie's novels have been adapted, although the book And Then There Were None was originally titled Ten Little Niggers.


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In the revised version of Miss Marple's Final Cases and Two Other Stories, the word "domestic" was replaced by "local".

The passage describing the servant as a "black man" who "smiles" has been revised so that in the new version of the book the character "just nods his head", without reference to his race.

Also, in the book "Death on the Nile" ("Death on the Nile") all mention of the "Nubian people" has been removed.

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