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Parents with an ultimatum to the Ministry of Education and Science: If they do not answer us by Monday, we will go to protest

After the meeting of the initiative "There must be classes and textbooks", the educator Dragana Spasevska, who represents the voice of the parents, said that they discussed with the representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science several points of their requests, to which they were not ready to respond.

- At this constructive meeting we discussed our demands to study teaching from paper textbooks, to remove gender sensitive content from textbooks and for parents to be included in educational policies, said Spasevska, emphasizing that if these requests are not answered by the beginning of next week, the parents will protest.

- The representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science at this meeting were not ready to respond to our requests and if that does not happen by next week, then we will go out to protest, Spasevska said, emphasizing that while waiting for the response from the Ministry of Education and Science to these requests, the boycott will be put on hold.

Spasevska reiterated that this is a civic initiative without a political background, emphasizing that it is the voice of the parents, and not of a political party.

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