The parents of the killed and injured children from "Ribnikar" filed a lawsuit against Costa's mother and father

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The parents of the killed and injured students from the "Vladislav Ribnikar" elementary school in Vracar are preparing lawsuits against the father and mother of the boy (13), who committed the massacre in this Belgrade school on May 3, Serbian "Kurir" reported.

"The inconsolable parents of the victims of the school in Vracar have decided to seek justice in court and will sue the parents of the boy who caused them unimaginable suffering", says the source of Kurir and adds:

"Since the boy who killed their children is not criminally responsible because he was not 14 years old at the time of the crime, and cannot be tried according to the law, the mothers and fathers of the killed and wounded children decided to initiate proceedings. before the court itself," says the source.

Lawyer Slavka Babić explains to "Kurir" that parents have the right to file a lawsuit against the minor's parents.

"In the specific case, it is a civil lawsuit initiated with a lawsuit for compensation of non-material damage, which is regulated by the Law on Obligation Relations. Parents are liable according to the principle of objective responsibility – regardless of their presumed guilt in this case, and can be released from liability if they prove that the damage was caused by force majeure, that they could not foresee or prevent it, which in practice is almost impossible to prove," said the lawyer.

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