Parents raise their voices: Resistance due to the return of the dismissed director of the kindergarten "Detska Radod"

In an open letter to the public, the parents of the children cared for in the Kindergarten "Detska Radod" announce that from Monday they will start a resistance because of the illegal work in the kindergarten, more precisely because the director Aneta Petrovska, who was dismissed a year ago, has been returned to the head of the kindergarten.

They also sent documents to the media showing purchases of office furniture, bills from lunches in restaurants, and are outraged by the fact that there was money for expensive catering services, but not for basic hygiene products, so the parents are forced to carry it from at home.

 All of us parents of the children who are cared for in the kindergarten "Detska radost" are obliged to bring hygiene products (liquid soap), toilet, wet wipes, plastic cups and the like when carrying our children. There is no money for our children to buy the necessary things for normal care of them, but of course there is money for luxury furniture for the management, lunches followed by alcohol and for expensive ballads. This letter of ours with all these documents comes after the call from the director at an open day to present the documents to us with the explanation that there was no crime - the parents state in the letter.

Parents say they don't want a reception day, but a responsible manager at the head of the kindergarten where they leave their children. They call on all citizens to join their resistance.

This is resistance against crime and corruption! This is resistance against illegal operation! This is a resistance against the minister Jovanka Trenchevska, who, exercising arbitrariness, returned the director to the head of the kindergarten! – says the open letter.

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