RKE announced new lower prices for petroleum products

Fuels gasoline diesel
Illustration: Refueling at a gas station / Photo: EPA-EFE / CONSTANTIN ZINN

At today's session for determining the prices of oil derivatives in retail, the Regulatory Commission for Energy made a decision on correction, recording a slight drop.

According to their calculations, which are based on the movements of prices on the world stock exchanges of black gold and the value of the dollar in relation to the denar, the reduction is on average 0,40 percent in relation to retail sales.

The exchange rate of the denar against the dollar in the past period averaged 58,6892 and is about 0,201% higher compared to the previous calculation...

Taking into account all these indicators on which the formation of retail prices depends, EUROSUPER BS-95 gasoline and EURODIESEL (D-E V) are reduced by MKD 0,50 per liter. Accordingly, from midnight tonight they will be sold at a price of 108,50 denars per liter, ie 103,50 denars per liter.

The price of EUROSUPER BS 98 is reduced by 1 denar and will be sold for 110,50 denars per liter. There is also a reduction of one denar in Extra light household oil, so the new price for this energy drink will be 102,00 den/liter from midnight tonight.

The retail price of M-1 NS fuel increases by 0,422 den/kg, in relation to the retail price determined by the decision to determine the highest retail prices of petroleum products and fuels for transportation from 01.07.2022 and will be sold at a price of 53,727 den/kg.

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