Ristovski: Bigger pensions, instead of eating steaks and hazelnuts

After the rally of the Coalition "Brave for Macedonia", the campaign for the parliamentary elections began in the Skopje neighborhood of Cento, from where he called for a vote for the presidential candidate Stevco Jakimovski on April 24 and a vote for the coalition in their offer on May 8. who spoke the leader of INTEGRA, Ljupco Ristovski, he answered questions from the attendees about part of the coalition's program. Ristovski announced an increase in all pensions below MKD 25.000.

"We have an innovative solution for pensioners, those who receive pensions for pensioner families under 25.000 denars will be targeted as a vulnerable category of homeless people, and here the state will have to react with social policy measures. There is enough in the budget for that. All non-essential expenses will be frozen, all purchases of desks, equipment for cars of national teams, eating steaks and hazelnuts in offices, every minister will pay for the coffee from his own pocket. The state should not spare funds for pensioners, they must have a decent and quality life", said the leader of INTEGRA.

He also announced a change in the tax policy, to a question from one of those present at the meeting saying that the Government of this country must be rational and oriented towards the people, that "the state was formed with our consent and should serve us".

"It means low taxes, our coalition that offers low taxes in the program, reduction of tax rates, offers regressive rates for big business, that means the more they earn, the rate will decrease, except for monopolies or those who can threaten some vulnerable population category. There will be a zero rate of taxation for highly intellectual labor, such as innovative and informational knowledge and skills and abilities that are rare in the market," said Ristovski.

At the beginning of the rally, the leader of INTEGRA told the residents of Cento that his name must not be extinguished.

"We, today's generation of Macedonians, must not extinguish the memory of Cento, it is in our blood. A pure and honest Macedonian, for whom neither the Bulgarians nor the Greeks fight because they know that he was a real Macedonian who fought for the statehood of the Macedonian people in the homeland of Macedonia. If he were alive today, he would surely grieve for you because of this situation in Macedonia, because now it is belittled, we are all belittled and devalued together," said Ristovski.

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