Risto Vukov started the new season in the Porsche Supercup in Imola

Photo: Rico Vukov Media Team

The Macedonian motorist Risto Vukov – Rico, for the second season in a row it competes in the Porsche Supercup competition, which has the highest global rank, because it features the best of the large number of series that are driven around the world.

Traditionally, the Porsche Supercup races are run before the Formula 1 races, so during the F1 weekend at Imola, Vukov continued where he was supposed to start last season, but the race was canceled due to flooding in the Emilia Romagna region.

In qualifying, Rico clocked his best time of 1:43.641, with the hallmark of the session being that only the top four drivers stood out with times ranging from 1:42.4 to 1:42.6, and from 5th to 18th there were a total of 14 drivers who they have a similar achievement, between 1:42.9 and 1:43.7 and with that the Macedonian is in 17th place. His two teammates were in front and behind Vukov, ie Keegan Masters was in 11th place and Lirim Zendeli in 22nd place.

In the race that started with an incident during the fight for the leading positions, and then a safety vehicle was applied, Vukov had to be very careful, but he was overtaken in the mix and lost several positions. After the restart, he managed to get from 20th to 18th place, and he also drove his own fastest lap of the race in the tenth of 14 laps, but unfortunately he did not manage to get higher.

The next Formula 1 race is in Monaco, so Vukov from Imola immediately continues to the small principality of the Cote d'Azur, where a new race awaits him this coming weekend.

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