RIA Novosti: Greece has decided to pay for Russian gas in rubles

Russian gas pipeline
Russian gas pipeline / Photo EPA / ROBERT GHEMENT

all Greek companies who import Russian gas switched to a new payment procedure for Gazprom in rubles and there will be no supply disruptions, the agencies report.

A source in the gas industry told RIA Novosti that all Greek companies importing Russian gas had switched to a new payment procedure.Gazprom in rubles.

The source for the agency stated that the deadline for payment for gas delivery is April 25 and that it is therefore necessary to pay the money to a special account on May 23, because the conversion into rubles and money transfer from one account extends the deadline by one to two days.

"It takes two days to convert them into rubles and transfer money from one account to another. "To do this, the payment in euros should arrive on May 23," he explained.

In Greece, the three main importers of Russian natural gas are "DEPA Komerc", "Mitilineos", "Prometheus Gas", the agency reports.

According to the source, the accounts are open and the payment process is ongoing, the media writes.

Commenting on the Greek press reports that in case of interruption of the supply of Russian gas, the Greek authorities will be forced to turn off the electricity due to lack of capacity, the interlocutor of the agencies said:

"There will be no supply disruption, everything is fine."

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