Resolution for Srebrenica: Column of vehicles with Serbian flags in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kosovska Mitrovica...

A column of vehicles with prominent flags of the Republic of Serbia across the streets of Novi Sad, after the adopted resolution in Srebrenica.

The ride, which started shortly after 19 p.m., ended around 20:30 p.m. There were more than a hundred cars in the convoy, with a traffic police vehicle leading the way.

They passed through the Liman neighborhood in Novi Sad, continued along the quay, and near the provincial government building on Muhajla Pupin boulevard, several men got out of their cars and waved flags, reports "N1" and states that for now it is not known who the organizer is.

A car parade was also held in Kosovska Mitrovica. A larger group of citizens moved through the streets with Serbian flags placed on masts, windows and car hoods, reports KoSSev.

There were about a hundred cars in the column that moved, playing music and waving flags, from the roundabout at the fountain to the second roundabout - at the Prince Lazar monument.

"N1" previously announced that such convoys of vehicles with Serbian flags were also on Belgrade streets.

First, the convoy was at Nikola Pasic Square, then turned right into Knezha Milosha Street, and from there turned right into Kralja Milana Street, although turning there is prohibited. Via Terazije, this column returned to Nikola Pasic Square, reports the media.


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