The audit revealed irregularities in a nursing home in Prilep, the beneficiaries received poorer food, medicines and diapers were saved

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The nursing home in Prilep "Kiro Krstevski Platnik" did not always provide the necessary nutritional values ​​in the diet, there were not enough fruits and vegetables in the meals, contrary to the rules, the audit report found. In addition, in this public institution for the care of the elderly, who mostly receive medical help and care there, the food menus were not respected, so unapproved dishes were served, without meeting the standards for the nutritional values ​​of the diet of the elderly.

"The prescribed standards for the nutrition of the elderly are not fully met, that is, the necessary nutritional values ​​of food items are not always provided, and the insufficient representation of fresh fruits and vegetables in the daily meals for the users provided for in the regulations is especially expressed," the report of The State Audit Office.

This is a risk of inappropriate spending of the purchased food products, the value of which in 2021 was 5 million 258 thousand denars, affecting the quality and nutritional value of the prepared meals.

The state auditor concluded that between 129 and 137 beneficiaries were taken care of in the home, and around 100 meals per day through the home's kitchen went to socially vulnerable people through the "People's Kitchen" project. According to the contract, each meal from the "National Kitchen" cost only 72 denars per meal, an unrealistic price that had not changed for 15 years, and was cooked by the same two cooks and one waitress who also served the people regularly cared for in the home. According to the auditor, such a small number of staff in the kitchen is not enough even for the regular cared for, let alone for the socially vulnerable persons, so it is recommended to employ more people. In addition, other meals were served in the home than those approved in the list of meals for the spring-summer 2021 season, due to the inability to provide the necessary food items for the preparation of the planned meals in a timely manner, which is against the rules.

In 2022, the House raised accommodation prices, the first time since 2005. Thus, instead of 7.200, the elderly pay 10.900 denars as a minimum, and the maximum price is 15.100 denars per month.

There were also established conditions for health care, intensive care of chronically ill and immobile users, the provision of regular therapy, the procurement of medicines and diapers for adults and other medical supplies.

"Medicines and diapers are procured through public procurement by the House and with prescriptions borne by the Fund, which are owed to the beneficiaries, who are entitled to 90 diapers per month per beneficiary. Without disputing the need for the purchase of additional medicines and diapers, considering the fact that all the beneficiaries receive therapy and some of them are seriously ill and immobile and use diapers, often times more than those provided by the Fund, we pay attention that the amount of purchased medicines and diapers for 9 months in 2022 is several times lower than that for the same period in 2021. In the first 9 months of 2021, medicines for 402 thousand denars and diapers for 998 thousand denars were procured, and in 2022, for the same time, despite the greater number of users, medicines were procured for only 119 thousand denars and diapers for 505 thousand denars. The above affects the quality of the services provided to the users as well as the economic spending of the funds from the home," the report of the State Audit Office reads.

With the audit of the financial statements for 2021, it was determined that there are not enough professional staff at the House's disposal, there are no written work procedures and acts to determine the work processes, and the activities are carried out according to the practice of the past period. The auditor also noted that in the home for the elderly "Kiro Krsteski Platnik" in Prilep, the implementation of public procurement contracts is not monitored, which is why there is a risk of exceeding the contracts.

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