Revitalization of the painful agreement reached with the mediation of the EU between Belgrade and Pristina

The ministers of foreign affairs of the EU made provisions in the Ohrid Agreement mandatory clauses for Serbia, as a kind of "take it or leave it" benchmark, since the two countries have so far implied only a few obligations from this document, "Euronews" writes.

Serbia will not only have to avoid impeding Pristina's aspirations to join international organizations, but will also have to recognize official administrative documents issued by the Kosovo administration, such as license plates and passports with Kosovo's national symbols.

The Serbian government has systematically opposed such things since the war with NATO in 1999, which forced the secession of Kosovo.

Kosovo was formerly an autonomous province within Serbia when the two entities were part of Yugoslavia, which collapsed in 1991.

The terms passed by the EU on April 22 create a political puzzle for Belgrade, putting its political leadership and the entire Serbian society in front of an agonizing dilemma: either it will start a slow and progressive process of recognizing Kosovo or it must abandon any medium-term hope of EU membership. .

Serbia has so far avoided any step that could be identified as de facto recognition of Kosovo's statehood.

On April 21, Serbs living in Kosovo largely canceled a referendum called by the Kosovo administration, according to the Pristina government, to resolve the issue of mayors in Serb-majority municipalities.

The issue has been open since November 2022, when Serbian police officers, mayors and judges from northern Kosovo resigned in protest at what they claimed were "violations" of EU-brokered agreements by Kosovo authorities.

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