Retrograde Neptune: Are you ready to face yourself and your illusions?

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Neptune, Photo: Pixabay

In astrology, retrograde is always a dizzying experience. Although retrograde Neptune it may not be so intense, it does not mean that the planet of fantasy will not have an impact on us, writes StyleCaster.

Starting June 28, a planet of spirituality, imagination, dream worlds, astral spheres and all things invented will help you gain a deeper understanding of the illusions that govern your life. Are you ready to go deep? Are you ready to be honest with yourself and remove pink glasses?

What does retrograde Neptune mean?

Unlike retrograde Mercury, which lasts only three weeks, retrograde Neptune is a much longer process - 160 days. As one of the five outer planets (transpersonal planets) in astrology, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, and Uranus spend about half the year in retrograde state. Outer planets shape the longer trends and far-reaching transformations of your life, and while retrograde Neptune can disrupt your dreams, you may not even notice it.

Retrograde Neptune will last about six months, but there is a good chance you will feel the planet move during the days before and after the change. This retrograde motion will mostly affect those born under Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, especially if they have planets between 19 and 28 degrees of these zodiac signs.

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What should you do during the retrograde Neptune?

Whenever external planets send you energy, they require you to dig deep and grow, but evolution is not an easy or fast process. Check out the Pisces house in your natal chart to find out what retrograde Neptune wants you to focus on. No matter what questions, topics, or circumstances you are currently working on, Neptune urges you to let go of false beliefs and illusions that hold you back. And once Neptune's retrograde ends on December 3, the type of people we were will disappear and be replaced by more magical and empathetic versions of ourselves.

When Neptune is retrograde, things have to become blurry before they become visible.

Pay close attention to issues such as self-deception, addiction, and longing. You may even come to terms with fantasies in which it is okay to continue believing, because they help you get through the difficult parts of life.

Listen to your intuition, accept patience and dive into the process of resting and looking at the borders. Self-examination is really for the purpose of retrograde Neptune. Do not get caught in a dramatic whirlwind, otherwise there will be more confusion. Clarity prefers to arrive in a time of silence and gentle observation.

Neptune's retrograde motion is the perfect time to dive deeper into self-development, therapy, counseling, diary writing, meditation, spiritual practices, art, music, and any other self-love activities that allow you to explore your deepest thoughts and dreams.

Being curious about yourself is the first step to liberation!

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