A representative of Morocco who played in the World Cup was sentenced to a prison sentence of one year

Photo: QPR

Elias Schar the Moroccan national team footballer and Queens Park Rangers footballer has been sentenced to prison for an attack that took place four years ago.

The Moroccan who was born in Belgium in 2020 while participating in a kayaking expedition collided with a truck driver. Allegedly, Nils.T (a truck driver) was involved in an argument with Ilias and his brother while they were waiting for a bus to take them to their desired destination.

After an argument for some time, Shar took a stone and hit Nils in the head, causing him an injury and a two-centimeter gash on his head. In addition to the one-year prison sentence, he will also have to pay a fine of £13.400. For now, the reasons that led to this conflict are not known.

Shar played for the Moroccan national team at the World Cup and reached the semi-finals with this selection. In the match against Croatia for the third place, he spent one half on the field. The fans of Queen's Park expressed their support for their footballer with applause before today's game in the Championship.

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